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Telecommunication Infrastructure Design for Church in Quebec

Structural, Civil, Mechanical and Electrical engineering services for the installation of antennas, transmission lines and radio equipment on an aesthetic church.


Our client’s challenge

To provide wireless coverage in a rural area and to minimize visual impact of their antenna installation, our client obtained a lease agreement for an aesthetic installation with a local church. Design requirements included antenna mounting on the spire of the church as well as layout of transmission lines and radio equipment within the church.

Our services

The experience and expertise of our staff addressed our Client’s needs by providing the following: 

  • Church structural mapping on site
  • Analysis of the loading on the spire
  • Design of aesthetic antenna support mounts
  • Design of an equipment room for radios
  • Design of electrical connections and grounding
  • Post-work inspection and deficiency report
  • As-built drawings after construction 


Our firm delivered the engineering services and design for the installation of the antennas and equipment to the client and property owner’s satisfaction preserving the beauty of the church.