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The Avions of Northridge

WSP was retained by Sarasota Homes Ltd. to provide complete planning, engineering and survey services for the Northridge multi-family site in North Ridge stage 17.


The site was approximately 1.1 hectaires and included 28 bareland condominium units. WSP provided planning, civil engineering and legal survey. The engineering design was for the water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, grading and roadworks. WSP also provided project management, construction administration, coordination of materials testing during construction and design coordination for power, site lighting and communications.

Key Achievements/Features

  • Gravity sanitary sewer system
  • Gravity storm sewer minor system
  • Potable water piping
  • Asphalt roadway with curb and gutter
  • Overland drainage design


  • Planning
  • Engineering
  • Legal survey
  • Water, sanitary, storm, grading and roadworks design
  • Construction survey

Location: St. Albert, Alberta