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Thomas D’Arcy McGee Building, 90 Sparks Street, Ottawa

Replacement of the existing combined building automation system, lighting control system, fire alarm and voice communication system and security system in the building.


Client: Maple Leaf Property Management on behalf of Public Works and Government Services Canada

Our client’s challenge

The client was faced with replacing a single piece of control equipment that was in imminent danger of catastrophic failure due to equipment obsolescence, the lack of available replacement parts and the lack of technical expertise to continue to maintain it.  All of this had to be performed in a complex building with multiple fire safety challenges while the building remained occupied and the equipment remained in use.

Our approach

We developed strategies to install, test and commission the systems in stages that allowed the building operators to make use of portions of the existing system and the replacement systems simultaneously until the final switch over which was done over a long weekend to reduce impact on the occupants.  Our services included

  • The design of the replacement fire alarm and voice communication system that improved the intelligibility to meet current code requirements,
  • The design of the replacement building automation system that included evaluation and upgrades to the smoke management systems for the atrium and below grade parking levels as well as venting to aid firefighting and modeling of the zoned smoke control system
  • The evaluation and upgrades to the building sprinkler system


The building is equipped with new but separate and code compliant building fire alarm and voice communication, building automation, lighting control and security systems.