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What Our Stakeholders Are Saying


Paul Dollin , as chair of WSP’s Primary Network, Sustainability, positioned WSP to prepare its 2014 Sustainability Report in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Reporting Guidelines.

A questionnaire seeking to explore issues of material importance with regards to WSP’s sustainability practices was sent out to both employees, as internal stakeholders and external stakeholders, comprising shareholders, investors and clients (in some regions).

Stakeholders were asked to rank the GRI-related issues they found most relevant to our organisation. Here are the rankings from external stakeholders (top ten items ranked out of 28):

And as for internal stakeholders (employees), the 10 most relevant issues were the following:

The following is a key result of the materiality assessment: the Materiality Matrix. It assembles extra-financial issues along two axes: the degree of importance of a given issue to “all stakeholders” in x, and degree of importance to WSP in y. The position of an issue in this quadrant provides information for disclosure and prioritisation purposes.  

Should you be interested in knowing more about the our Materiality Assessment, please get in touch with douglas.webber@wspgroup.com.