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WSP is growing through a combination of organic expansion and acquisitions. These acquisitions allow us to strengthen our competencies in each of our market segments and serve as a base for us to increase our market share in the various regions where we operate. In addition, acquisitions have helped WSP in establishing a global presence to expand its platform.

Previous Years
  • Cochrane Design Group
    Buildings, Municipal Infrastructure, Transportation, Power, Industrial, Processing
    British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario, Canada
  • Martoni, Cyr and Associates Inc.
    Building Engineering, Telecommunications
    Quebec, Canada
  • MacViro Holdings Inc.
    Water & Waste Water Treatment, Solid Waste Management, Environment, Power
    Ontario, Canada
  • Labelle-Ryan Génipro inc.
    Municipal Infrastructure, Mechanical & Electrical, Structure, Environment
    Quebec, Canada
  • Transek AB
    Transportation/Traffic Management
  • Ark Consulting Pty Ltd, Responsive Environmental Solutions Pty Ltd and ESH Connect Australasia Pty Ltd
    Environmental Consultants
  • LC Consultants
    Structural Engineering Consultants
  • Environmental Strategies Consulting, LLC
    Environmental and Remediation
  • Talone OÜ
    Structural Engineering