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Engineers Without Borders Partnership

Partnering with Engineers Without Borders: Investing in people and innovations


As engineers, technicians and scientists who understand today’s complex and interconnected world, we believe that people and innovative ideas are key to creating lasting positive change. That is why WSP has partnered with Engineers Without Borders Canada (EWB) to support the following programs:


Professional Fellowship

Each year, WSP and EWB work together to select a Fellow to join a transformational six-month EWB venture in Africa. Through these Fellowships, EWB matches skilled professionals from the engineering sector with skill gaps in agriculture, business and public service delivery across sub-Saharan Africa.

WSP is excited to partner for a second year with Engineers Without Borders (EWB)! Meet Janelle de Vries, Geomatics Proposal Office Lead from Calgary, Alberta. Janelle embarked at the end of September 2016 on a journey that has taken her to Toronto (for EWB training) and then to her fellowship in Zambia until March 2017. There are more ways to follow our Engineers Without Borders fellow this year via social media (Instagram and Facebook) and Janelle’s blog (both written and video) can be found on Janelleinzambia.ca.


Engineering Change Labs

Convening three to four times per year, the Engineering Change Labs provide opportunities to showcase, connect and support transformative efforts across the profession. As a platform for innovation, WSP’s Lab Participants work with industry stakeholders to identify, test, analyse and respond to some of the biggest challenges of our time.


Annual xChange

WSP is a proud sponsor of EWB’s annual conference where ideas, questions, and solutions on international development and poverty are widely exchanged. The objective is to inspire collective action in addressing the world’s development challenges. Each year the conference brings together over 700 postsecondary students and professionals with global leaders in engineering, social innovation, education and policy.

At WSP, we share EWB’s belief that engineers play a critical role in tackling some of the world’s toughest global development challenges. By investing in people and innovations, we believe we can contribute positively to the global community. For more information about EWB programs, please visit their website.