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The wellness of the environment is directly related to that of humankind and many other life forms on this planet. With the understanding that our ecosystem is a complex milieu in which alterations to any of its components could easily create trickle-down effects, our multidisciplinary environmental consultants specialize in balancing the integration between the built and natural environments.


New Excess Soil Management Policy in Ontario

August 01, 2017

Ontario is introducing new legislation controlling the movement of soil.


Are you working on a site where soil is being excavated?

The Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) is engaging Ontarians on an Excess Soil Management Policy Framework (“proposed framework”) that proposes a path forward and guiding principles for the development of policy related to the management of excess soil.

What does this proposed policy mean to you and your projects?

WSP’s Environment group has prepared two documents outlining frequently asked questions in regards to the proposed framework:

PDFExcess Soil Management for Developers/Contractors

PDFExcess Soil Management for Municipalities

For more information about the policy, please contact us.