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With approximately 7,900 employees, based in all Canadian provinces, our experts have a lot to talk (and write) about!


WSP delivers surveying and mapping solutions for the entire project lifecycle with speed and certainty. Our crews are first on the ground supporting some of the largest projects in Canada. Regardless of the project size or location, we are there, from field to finish.

  • "+WSP Canada and Sweden Collaborate on UAV Technology+" corner
    December 05, 2016

    WSP Canada and Sweden Collaborate on UAV Technology

    Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) provide an alternative tool that can be used in place of traditional survey and mapping methods for some unique projects. The agility, compactness and vast array of ...

  • "+Geospatial Data: Inspiring Innovation+" corner
    September 07, 2016

    Geospatial Data: Inspiring Innovation

    The business of Geomatics has undergone continuous evolution to get to where it is today. The tools and technologies used are far more sophisticated digitally than what was used in the past. While ...

  • "+Plan Ahead: Six Reasons to Survey Your Property+" corner
    August 04, 2016

    Plan Ahead: Six Reasons to Survey Your Property

    WSP Geomatics provides surveying and mapping solutions for clients across the globe. Whether the projects delivers transportation, infrastructure, oil & gas, pipeline, mining, or industrial outcome...

  • "+Geomatics: Enhancing Wireless Communication+" corner
    July 08, 2016

    Geomatics: Enhancing Wireless Communication

    Behind every wireless cellular signal is a tower equipped with antennas and the Geomatics applications that got it there.

  • "+Managing Logistics for Remote Projects+" corner
    June 13, 2016

    Managing Logistics for Remote Projects

    Over the course of my career I’ve been fortunate to be involved in a variety of interesting Geomatics projects. While every project comes with its unique challenges, remote project locales always ...

  • "+From the 2016 STAC Conference: Use of commercial UAV in Telecoms+" corner
    May 03, 2016

    From the 2016 STAC Conference: Use of commercial UAV in Telecoms

    The use of UAV by individuals and companies alike has soared in recent years. The growing popularity however does not mean drone operators are exempt from regulations, especially for commercial pur...

  • "+Surveying Beautiful British Columbia+" corner
    July 22, 2015

    Surveying Beautiful British Columbia

    With an area of 944,735 square kilometres, British Columbia is Canada’s third-largest province. The Canadian Rockies, Coast Mountains and Inside Passage provide some of the province’s breathtaking ...

  • "+A tradition of excellence+" corner
    May 19, 2015

    A tradition of excellence

    Did you know that surveying is one of the oldest professions in the world dating back to the great pyramids of Ancient Egypt? Where there were structures, there were surveyors!

  • "+Through the surveyor’s lens+" corner
    May 06, 2015

    Through the surveyor’s lens

    For surveyors, seeing life from a different perspective is just part of the job. Looking through the surveyor’s lens, one is quickly captivated by the intricate and rather artistic scope of their v...

  • "+Safety and security first!+" corner
    April 21, 2015

    Safety and security first!

    Safety is at the forefront of WSP’s corporate culture because we believe in creating an environment where our people can flourish. Whether in the field or the office, a safe and healthy work enviro...

  • "+As spring sets in across Canada+" corner
    April 10, 2015

    As spring sets in across Canada

    The climate and intensity of Canada’s four distinct seasons vary across the country. The WSP Geomatics team is busy adapting to the changing climate this time of the year. The following are just a ...

  • "+Ain’t no mountain high enough+" corner
    March 26, 2015

    Ain’t no mountain high enough

    Being a full-time surveyor often means juggling duties of a professional driver, equipment technician and data analyst, trainer and mentor, and even a chainsaw operator. We follow WSP surveyors thi...

  • "+Walk a mile in a surveyor’s shoes (in the snow)+" corner
    March 10, 2015

    Walk a mile in a surveyor’s shoes (in the snow)

    Transforming the built environment and restoring the natural one requires working throughout the coldest of seasons, in all weather conditions. The WSP Geomatics Team tackles winter head-on while f...

  • "+Once a Surveyor, Always a Surveyor+" corner
    February 24, 2015

    Once a Surveyor, Always a Surveyor

    Characteristic of their big picture thinking and meticulous attention to detail, the Geomatics field crews capture moments in the field that are truly worth a thousand words. That is, even the wor...