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WSP delivers surveying and mapping solutions for the entire project lifecycle with speed and certainty. Our crews are first on the ground supporting some of the largest projects in Canada. Regardless of the project size or location, we are there, from field to finish.


Once a Surveyor, Always a Surveyor

February 24, 2015

Characteristic of their big picture thinking and meticulous attention to detail, the Geomatics field crews capture moments in the field that are truly worth a thousand words. That is, even the words of the Ancient Greek philosopher Socrates: “To do is to be.” Among those in the trade, it is believed that the Surveyor can leave the field, but the field can never be removed from the Surveyor.


Nothing stands in the way of performing an excellent field work, not even the long Canadian winter.  Field Operations Manager and Project Manager on duty in Gundy Creek, Northeast BC (Photo credit: J. Hiltz)

Any surveyor that has flagged line through the bush in winter is familiar with taking a “snow shower.”  As an article of personal protective equipment, the hard-hat takes on a whole new purpose!  (Photo credit: A. Tucker)

On a convoy into the project area: the white and green tags on the sleds’ handlebars indicate that the machine has passed the safety inspection.  Note the mittens on the hand-grips—clearly, the hand-warmers are in good working order.  (Photo credit: C. Blake)

Crew knee-deep in snow on project site at Dilly Creek, Northeast BC (Photo credit: Van Esch)

Going deep: 100 percent effort often results in 100 percent success.  (Photo credit: R. Binkley)


Surveying: One of the oldest professions

Did you know that surveying is one of the oldest professions which remains integral to the place we live and build?  Surveying even predates the pyramids.  While the scope and the discipline vary, the science of surveying in a nutshell is about measuring, mapping and determining where things are and where boundaries belong.  Surveyors measure anything on land or on the ocean bed.  365 days a year, surveyors lead a life without limits—from suits to boots, office to field—there is never a challenge big enough for these experts.  

Over the years, WSP Surveying experts have gained a reputation as trusted advisors and are represented on technical advisory committees and in industry bodies; they have also been appointed to various government research projects worldwide.


Geomatics at WSP

With almost 1,000 employees and 250 crews, our Geomatics team is the largest survey provider in Canada.  The team is active across the country with a strong presence in Western Canada, Quebec and the Atlantic region.