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WSP delivers surveying and mapping solutions for the entire project lifecycle with speed and certainty. Our crews are first on the ground supporting some of the largest projects in Canada. Regardless of the project size or location, we are there, from field to finish.


Through the surveyor’s lens

May 06, 2015

For surveyors, seeing life from a different perspective is just part of the job. Looking through the surveyor’s lens, one is quickly captivated by the intricate and rather artistic scope of their vision. Whether isolating and focusing in on a particular aspect or opting to view things from a different angle, appearances shift and our perception widens. Ever wonder what it would be like to look through a surveyor’s lens? You’re in luck.


What is the surveyor looking at? Scroll down. (Credit: A. Hicks)

Peering through the lens on a power line survey in the mountains: note the crosshairs in the centre of the image, and the power line itself (out of focus) across the top. (Credit: J. Ranger)

A surveyor is laying out proposed access road deflection. (Credit: J. Hiltz)

Back-sight prism: on target! (Credit: D. Hlodak)

“Checking line” (Credit: D. Hlodak)

Through the surveyor's lens: here is a common sighting during the northern spring. Standard procedure is just to give the bears some space and typically they'll wander away. And if not, most clients will support the crew's decision to return to the site and finish the survey on another day. (Credit: K. Waugh)


Geomatics at WSP

With almost 1,000 employees and 250 crews, our Geomatics team is the largest survey provider in Canada. The team is active across the country with a strong presence in Western Canada, Quebec and the Atlantic region.