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Kelsey Davis has more than 20 years of broad geomatics, business management, and consulting experience in the areas of geographic information systems, geospatial data, remote sensing, aerial photography, and web and mobile mapping. As a career highlight and endorsement of his expertise, Kelsey was invited to collaborate as co-author and co-editor of the book Pipeline Geomatics: Practice and Innovation for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Kelsey Davis, B. Sc., MBA
Manager, Geospatial Data Services, Geomatics

  • "+Geospatial Data: Inspiring Innovation+" corner
    September 07, 2016

    Geospatial Data: Inspiring Innovation

    The business of Geomatics has undergone continuous evolution to get to where it is today. The tools and technologies used are far more sophisticated digitally than what was used in the past. While ...