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Governments and businesses face significant changes from megatrends like population growth, urbanization, climate change and natural resource constraints. We help our clients understand and act on these issues so they can thrive in this changing world.


Green Power Procurement: Understanding the Options

September 28, 2016


Green power procurement is a key feature of corporate sustainable energy strategies. In ‘Green Power Procurement: Understanding the Options’, WSP’s Sustainability & Energy team highlights seven options for green power procurement, and the benefits and considerations for each option. These include:

1. Owned On-Site Generation
2. Off-Site Generation
3. On-Site Power Purchase Agreement / Operating Lease
4. Power Purchase Agreements
5. Synthetic Power Purchase Agreements
6. Utility Products / Green Tariffs
7. Unbundled Renewable Energy Certificates

Procuring green power – a subset of renewable energy – may offer benefits such as renewable energy certificates (RECs) as well as revenues from the sale of power generated on-site.



Douglas Webber
Douglas Webber Vice President Sustainability and Energy
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