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Governments and businesses face significant changes from megatrends like population growth, urbanization, climate change and natural resource constraints. We help our clients understand and act on these issues so they can thrive in this changing world.


Introducing our Sustainability & Energy team’s guide to setting science-based greenhouse gas emissions targets

January 12, 2016


Companies around the world are using a new approach to setting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction targets that is informed by climate science. Science-based targets aim to limit a global temperature increase to less than 2°C (compared to pre-industrial temperatures) and prevent the most adverse effects of climate change. Organizations setting ambitious science-based targets are leading the way towards a low-carbon economy.

In this guide, WSP’s Sustainability & Energy team provides an overview of science-based target-setting methodologies and outlines the process for companies interested in setting ambitious emissions reduction targets.



Douglas Webber
Douglas Webber Vice President Sustainability and Energy
+1 416 644-4925, 299