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Forbes ranks WSP among Canada’s top 250 employers

In 89th place, WSP in Canada makes the list of the nation’s top 250 employers for the first time. We are proud to rank second among the country’s top professional services firms.


According to Forbes, an independent survey was conducted among 8,000 Canadian employers working at large companies and institutions. Employees were contacted anonymously online and were asked to rank on a scale of zero to 10, how likely they were to recommend their employer to someone else. The survey also took into consideration how employees felt about other employers in the industry.

At the top of the list are some well-known brands such as Google in 9th, Mercedes-Benz in 11th place, and Apple in 31st. The survey has found that from financial institutions to universities, to government agencies, the current hiring climate in Canada is one that favours skilled job seekers.   

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