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A Blast from the Past: An 18th Century Cannonball Discovered at Excavation Site


It was a Friday like no other.

On July 7, a 10-inch diameter cannonball that dates back to 1759 was discovered at an excavation site in Quebec City. WSP's Robert Marquis was supervising the excavation project, as part of the underground rehabilitation program for the City of Quebec, when staff discovered a round object in the ground.  Experts claim this is an extraordinary and rare discovery; it is the second time a cannonball was discovered in Quebec City in the last 20 years.

An archeologist, hired from the City of Quebec, was there to supervise the excavation. As soon as our team found the cannonball, the archeologist took control of the site to protect our employees from any danger and to make sure the artifact was being managed properly. The cannonball was then sent to the army to neutralize the gunpowder it contained. Luckily, the process didn’t affect the delivery schedule of the project. The relic will likely find its way into a local museum for display in the future. This excavation area continues to offer  high potential for new historical discoveries.

The newspaper, Journal de Québec, recently published an article on this incredible discovery (in French only).