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Manitoba Consulting Engineers Vote WSP’s Richard Tebinka as New President

WSP’s own Regional Transportation Lead Richard Tebinka was recently named President of the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies - Manitoba (ACEC-MB).

Richard Tebinka is the new President of Association of Consulting Engineering Companies


Based at the Lombard Avenue office in Winnipeg, Richard Tebinka wears many hats. As Regional Transportation Lead, his role is complex but rewarding as he oversees various aspects of the business. An efficient coordinator, Richard has served many roles at ACEC-MB, too. He was previously the Vice President then the President Elect. He joined the association’s Board of Directors in 2013 and has been an active member of the Government Affairs sub-committee, among others.

Government affairs is a priority for the incoming president.

“Manitoba is unique,” he said, referring to the stringent limits of liability in the province. “When other provinces set a limit of 10 to 15 years, that of Manitoba is 30-plus years,” adding, “this changes the playing field on how clients retain professional services.”

As the new ACEC-MB President focuses his efforts on rallying other like-minded professional services associations, he is hopeful that the full-fledged impact of the New West Partnership Trade Agreement (NWPTA)—Canada’s largest barrier-free, interprovincial market between Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia—will compel the Government of Manitoba to consider legislative change in order to ensure the competitiveness of businesses in the province.

“We have met with the government recently,” he said, “and although they have not always been receptive of this idea in the past, the trade agreement is putting things in a new light.”

Richard has been with WSP since 1981. A registered Professional Engineer in multiple provinces and a Fellow of the Institute of Transportation Engineers, he is also a member of numerous technical associations.

For more information, please contact Richard Tebinka.