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Vaughan Civic Centre Resource Library Wins CISC Award of Excellence

WSP is proud to announce that it has won the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction (CISC) Award of Excellence in Architecture for the Vaughan Civic Centre Resource Library. WSP played an integral role in this $15 M, 36,000 square foot project and was proud to receive this prestigious award at the recent Ontario Steel Design Awards of Excellence Gala.


The library’s vision was to create a space that builds a connection with the natural environment that includes continuous perimeter glazing, reflective white roof, an interior open courtyard, and a column-free main entrance. Having to deal with complex design geometry, structural work was challenging and the design team established a number of innovative solutions.

WSP’s Brian Stonehouse, Vice President, Structural – Buildings, said, “Our team was able to use common materials and simple steel shapes, pushing their potential as far as we could to come up with a very impressive, safe, durable, open and functional space.  The details are critical too – WSP’s team came up with interesting geometry and elegant connection details that made everything work seamlessly as the building came together.”

The biggest challenge was the cantilevered roof. The use of structural steel enabled the creation of the ‘floating’ main entrance and roof through trusses framed in two directions to form a cantilever. The tapered edge trusses were critical to creating a striking cantilevered entry through relatively conventional and light-weight steel shapes. WSP provided structural, mechanical, electrical and civil engineering services.

CISC is the primary association for Canada’s steel construction industry, representing a diverse community of steel manufacturers, fabricators and constructors, engineers and architects, owners and developers, and educators and students, and offering its members a variety of tools to enhance capabilities, and grow businesses.