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WSP experts weigh in on Facelift Facades

At WSP, our experts anticipate the unforeseeable. In that light, our façade renewal professionals encourage building owners to look beyond surface level issues.


According to Renew Magazine’s recent article Façade Facelift, the $100 million façade restoration of First Canada Place drew attention to the need for diligent maintenance of building skins throughout Toronto’s downtown.” The restoration project was necessary after a marble panel became loose and dropped 50 stories.

WSP’s very own Andrea Yee, Façade Renewal Practice Manager and Hamid Vossoughi, Senior Principal for Building Sciences, talk about the importance of not only properly maintaining a building but also understanding the lifecycle issues related to the façade itself, providing key indicators that it is time to call in a professional. Read this insightful article in the May/June 2017 issue of ReNew Canada magazine to learn more about how new technology and best practices can work together to achieve an efficient design that is visually appealing while giving a building a whole new life.