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WSP’s Bruce Belmore Elected International VP of ITE


WSP’s transportation planning director Bruce Belmore has recently been elected International Vice President of the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE). He is the fourth Canadian to assume the title in the 88-year history of the organization. Bruce was officially sworn in at the ITE 2017 Annual Meeting and Exhibit in Toronto on July 31.

Numerous hats have been worn in Bruce’s 20 years with ITE. Most notably, he has served as a member of the International Board of Direction (2013-2015), District President (2008-2010), and Saskatchewan Section Executive (2001-2003). And today, three more titles are about to be added to his remarkable record of giving back and contributing to the industry he loves.

Upon running a vigorous campaign that lasted over three months and took him through stops throughout the US and Canada, the Regina-based transportation planning director was announced as the next vice president of ITE International on July 14. The three-year involvement begins with the vice presidency then segues into the position of International President in the second year, and culminates in the role of Immediate Past President.

“There is a lot to learn even after 20 years,” said Bruce, pointing out the unique traits of the organization and an ever-changing industry. “ITE basically deals with everything above the road: pedestrians, cars, buses, trains, signal timing, and the list goes on,” he added, “where it gets really interesting is providing the right type of information and industry knowledge to our 14,000+ members around the world all while listening to what’s important to them.”

Timeless leadership for a fast-evolving industry

The scope of the organization is indeed wide and complex, and its membership, diverse. Topics like autonomous vehicles, transportation health issues (including Vision Zero, a fast-growing initiative in North America), and smart communities appeal to and attract a large group of transportation experts, especially among the rising generation.

“Knowledge and information sharing is at the core of our organization,” he said, adding, “We are embarking upon transformational change in our industry after all.” As ITE’s International VP, Bruce’s priority will be in streamlining knowledge and disseminating relevant information in a timely manner. He envisions ITE working with other transportation organizations to exchange knowledge and resources. Member development—which encompasses technical skills, soft skills and leadership skills—is a key pillar of his platform, too. As the organization’s growth and long-term stability hinge upon the growth of its members, Bruce supports the creation of new student chapters across North America and growth outside of the continent through the Global District as well.

“I’ve helped set up two student chapters myself,” he said, “We gave them guidance and the necessary support to run the chapters, and they have been successful.” Recalling how he joined the organization 20 years ago, Bruce laughed and said, “It was kind of an automatic relationship at the first luncheon I went to—and you really need to come to our luncheons. I knew I belonged.” Exposure to the industry’s issues and people were readily available, not to mention the huge benefit of being a part of close-knit group of transportation professionals across the continent.

To learn more about Bruce Belmore and ITE, please visit his campaign website
e-mail him.