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Being Future Ready: A Word From our COO

Paul Dollin, Chief Operating Officer - from our 2015 Sustainability Report

As our executive team member responsible for sustainability, my objective is to inspire our leaders and employees on sustainability, ensure we embed sustainable principles into our projects and operations and encourage recognition of our achievements.

As a professional services organization, our greatest sphere of influence in transitioning to a low carbon economy comes from the advice our experts provide to our clients.

In 2015, we started to incorporate the principles of our “Future Ready” Program to operations outside of the UK. We were very proud to receive the UK Guardian’s Sustainable Business Awards Consultancy of the year – Impact award in 2015 for the work of this Program.

Adapting “Future Ready” to our regional operations takes considerable input and top-level commitment. We appointed one of our senior sustainability experts, David Symons, as the lead on implementing these services on a global level. I will remain the executive sponsor of the Program, which we see as a huge opportunity to make a difference in the market. In 2016, we intend to continue to embed “Future Ready” practices in our global operations, making particular progress in our Australian, Canadian and Middle Eastern markets.

Our Global Health & Safety Strategy
At the start of 2015, we embarked on a new Health & Safety strategy, with commitment from our Board of Directors and senior regional leadership. This strategy was aimed at ensuring a consistent set of “Expectations” for Managing Health & Safety, wherever we operate in the world.

To support this, our ISMS (Integrated Safety Management System) was launched, allowing all regions and employees to report incidents, accidents, and near misses to one common platform, providing us with the information we require to monitor performance and target action areas for improvement. The results have allowed us to decide on our 2016 focus areas for reducing the risks in our work, which include driving, overseas working, carrying out geotechnical work, and people– plant – vehicle interfaces.

Improving our Reporting Framework
Going forward, we are appraising our sustainability reporting and identifying the areas we will need to concentrate on in future reporting years.

Both sides of the legacy business are now reporting on sustainability together. We are pleased with this significant accomplishment, which is testament to the excellent collaboration which exists in our company. We look forward to implementing the recommendations we have received to improve data collection processes and data quality, particularly regarding our environmental performance metrics and human resources information we were not in a position to disclose this year. More clarity is also required as we consider external assurance of our data.

Our global reporting has given us a benchmark against which to measure progress in future years. Our Corporation has changed greatly in the last few years. We plan to use our 2015 performance as a baseline to discuss the setting of targets for our future global sustainability performance.

Through 2016 and beyond, we will strive to keep our leaders engaged in running sustainable operations, as well as keeping operational excellence and Health & Safety front-of-mind for all our employees. We are first and foremost technical experts, offering services for the built and natural environments. Our objective is to have a positive, measurable impact on economic, social and environmental factors in all of our projects and operations, now and in the future.