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Working together

'Together we can' is one of our core values governing our company. Together we can means that we show respect and interest, we learn from each other and share our knowledge. We support each other in our work.

Bullet In an open and inclusive work environment
Bullet Continuously developing our competences
Bullet In a multidisciplinary and international environment

Work can be fun!  

We at WSP believe that work flies by when we feel great and there is a team one can trust.

Multidisciplinary projects requiring know-how from different fields assume an open and inclusive work environment in order to succeed. 

We follow regularly the working atmosphere and job satisfaction of our personnel. Ideas and opinions of personnel mean a lot for us when developing our activities. According to survey results, our personnel appreciate at WSP the flexible working modes and hours, the possibility to be involved in interesting and independent tasks as well as extensive competence development. 

Continuous competence development  

Competence development is important for us. We learn daily in versatile and diversified projects. We invest a lot in internal and external training and development programmes. The most important training programmes at WSP are project management and leadership training programmes. We offer you a possibility to develop as a professional as well as a manager. As an expert, you can be promoted from design assistant to senior expert or from team manager to business line manager. It is possible to make changes between expert and leadership paths during your career at WSP. We plan the future together during yearly appraisal discussions.  

International dimension 

A global working environment and the possibilities that it gives appear in project work and in competence development. We work on domestic projects in Finland as well as international ones when experts work abroad. A global working environment makes it possible to share and to develop know-how across boundaries. Excellence can be achieved when the best know-how from different countries can be combined! At WSP, experts in different fields meet each other virtually as well as at different events. 

One of the examples of the development of international activities is a two-year development programme for professionals in the early stages of their career, European Taskforce.

Taskforce is an international training programme focused on business and strategic management. The initiative is based on work within regional groups that each year get special projects.

The goal of Taskforce is to make knowledge sharing within the company more efficient and to get the voice of young professionals heard in conversations on the future of the company. Taskforce groups have been established in the USA, South Africa and the Nordic countries. Young experts from WSP in Finland belong to the Nordic Taskforce group. All employees of WSP under 35 years of age who are interested in personal development and international activities can apply for a two-year programme.