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What we do


We are very proud of our expertise in various areas. Our services shows our excellence in the best possible way. In the service descriptions, you will be able to see how we make the client's vision come true with consideration of financial, technical, social and ecological issues, by changing them into sustainable solutions.


We provide comprehensive design and expert services in bridges and special construction design for bridges of different sizes. We specialise in the design of pre-stressed, composite and cable stayed bridges. Our services cover the entire life cycle of bridge projects, from the preliminary sketch design to the demolition plan.

Our services cover the design of new buildings and renovation works, within the entire life circle of the building, from the preliminary design to the maintenance and demolition. We offer structural design services for building and special structures, as well as for industrial and sites and geotechnical projects.

We offer structural design services for industry projects, in collaboration with bridge and building design units. Industry design services mainly cover the structural design of steel and concrete structures for industrial plants. We specialize in designing large demanding steel and concrete structures, as well as earthquake resistant designs. Our 50 experts offer strong expertise in information modelling.

In urban planning, we combine engineering and social science with design, in order to achieve the functionality, sustainability and attractiveness of the built environment. We offer our clients solutions for the challenges in urban planning projects.