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Urban Planning

In urban planning, we combine engineering and social science with design, in order to achieve the functionality, sustainability and attractiveness of the built environment. We offer our clients solutions for the challenges in urban planning projects.

Our services include traffic, city, street and area planning, road and railway design, the design of bridges and special constructions, ground and rock engineering, water supply and drainage water management, methods of sustainable development, design, environment and urban economy.
The entire design process is guided by resource-saving activities and the vitality of communities.

Our inhouse design office Design Studio is specializing in the design of the public environment and services. In 2014, Design Studio is celebrating its 10-year anniversary.

Urban planning services include:

  • mobility
  • city planning
  • street and area planning
  • road and railway design
  • bridge and special constructions
  • environment
  • design
  • rock and ground engineering
  • water supply and networks
  • methods for sustainable development
  • urban economy