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Urban architecture

The urban architecture unit is an in-house architectural practice of WSP in Finland. We provide architectural consultancy for multidisciplinary projects as an independent entity as well as in collaboration with other architectural firms. Our mission is to continue the tradition of our company in the integration of architecture, design and engineering sciences into all our design activity. We work internationally as part of the global network of WSP experts. We bring our expertise to our customers all over the world and we bring international expertise into our local markets in Finland.


The multidisciplinary working environment of WSP distinguishes us from traditional architectural firms. Architects of WSP can always collaborate with traffic, street or structural engineer, landscape architect, designer or even the expert in drainage water management working in the same office.

Our services include:

  • expert services in urban development
  • detail planning and master plans
  • principal and architectural design in property development projects
  • principal and architectural design in construction and renovation projects
  • draft and project planning
  • implementation planning