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Project Case Studies

We are very proud of our projects in various areas of expertise. Our project portfolio shows our excellence in the best possible way. In the project descriptions, you will be able to see how we make the client's vision come true with consideration of financial, technical, social and ecological issues, by changing them into sustainable solutions.


Traffic forecast models in the business area of Helsinki are being constantly developed and updated. WSP has been actively involved, especially in the modelling of passenger traffic. Traffic forecast models in the business area of Helsinki cover the whole Uusimaa region, Eastern Uusimaa region and Riihimäki region. The models are used for traffic system plan studies, especially in the Helsinki region.

Pilke House is constructed almost completely from locally sourced timber, with carbon emissions just one-third of those of a steel or concrete structure of the same size.

Viikki Low Energy House was Finland's most energy efficient office building in year 2011. The House has an energy consumption less than a half of a normal office building.