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Bridge Inspection and Renovation

Bridge engineering and renovation planning traditions at WSP are based on over 40 years of experience. Our values are based on the professional competence of our specialists and the quality of our work. Bridge maintenance and renovation are based on systematic inspections, aiming to guarantee traffic safety, prevent the deterioration and save the appearance of the bridge and its location, suitable for the environment.


Inspections help to determine the condition of the structures, their functionality, damages and rehabilitation needs. Preventive inspections also help to determine damages that could possibly appear in the future, although it may not be possible to recognise visible damages  yet. The right maintenance technique can prevent the appearance of damages in the future.

Yearly inspections

Along with traffic safety, the attention in yearly inspections is paid to such issues as pavements, seaming, movement joints and desiccators, equipment, structures of the bridge site etc.  The problems of bearing structures are only mentioned if something anomalous has occurred.

General inspections

An evaluation that is based on a visual examination made by specialists for determining the condition of the bridge and its structures, as well as any possible rehabilitation needs. 

General inspections are made regularly through the examination of all structure parts. In addition to visual examinations, basic tests made by simple equipment and hand tools belong to general inspections. Observations are specified by measurements and photographs.

General inspections are made, on average, every five years that allow the avoidance of deterioration.

Special inspections

Tests made on site and in laboratories help to determine the condition of the structures, structure sizes and their load-bearing capacity, as well as the reasons and the scale of damages, in addition to damages that could possibly appear in the future. An underwater examination is the most important part of inspections made to bridges crossing waterways.

In our reports, we state the identified damages, suggest the renovation methods, their urgency and cost estimation. We always attach colour photographs showing the damage types of the structures to our reports.

BridGet bridge management system

Our BridGet bridge management system helps decision makers to identify the financing needs and measures in time that will help keep the condition of the bridges at a desirable level.



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