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Inspection and Renovation Planning for Properties

Comprehensive analysis of the original situation and inspections are always important for the final result. We offer inspection, planning and laboratory services for renovation planning projects as well as expert services in development and quality management. Principal and architecture design services also belong to our concept.


Building condition analysis

Building condition analysis is needed in order to get the preliminary data for the renovation planning. Building condition analysis includes the condition and functionality analysis of the entire building or certain parts of the building for identifying renovation needs and methods. Condition analysis is based on the results of preliminary surveys, observations made on the site, site tests, measurements and laboratory tests.

The analysis allows us to determine the present condition of construction, existing damage, their reasons and possible impacts in the future. The right timing of analysis can help to avoid significant damage to structures.

Our services also cover condition analysis of concrete structures, such as balconies, facades and separate structures. We are also specialized in Condition analysis of halls and water towers. All samples are analysed in our laboratory.

In our reports, we state the identified damage, suggest renovation methods, state their urgency and provide a cost estimation. We always attach to our reports colour photographs showing damage types of the structures.

Condition analysis of HPAC networks

We undertake condition analyses of HVAC networks for property owners and holders.
 The condition of property structures and systems and related decisions can be significant in terms of their costs. Condition analysis can affect the timing of renovation works, use comfort and the sale value of space. Correct analysis with right timing allow significant benefits to be achieved. Condition analysis provides a good support for decision-making processes during a renovation project.

We offer the following services for the entire property life cycle:

  • Condition analysis of HVAC networks, for example of pipelines
  • Determining pipeline renovation options (renewing or coating)
  • Condition analysis for structures, HVAC, electrical and automation engineering, air conditioning (basic condition analysis and long-term plans)
  • HVAC analysis (determination of installation method or quality assurance)
  • Energy certificates
  • Condition analysis of ventilation systems
  • Condition analysis of sewers and drains
  • Technical Due Diligence

For condition analysis, we make visual inspections, digital X-ray examinations or corrosion examinations, internal videorecording of internal surfaces of sewers and pipelines, and flow and pressure measurements of water supply networks.

In condition analysis projects, WSP is responsible for project management and contractual liability, field work, and the scheduling and supervision of partners’ and subcontractors’ work. We also analyse the results of inspections and take care of documentation and writing reports as well as of presenting results to the clients.

Renovation Planning

Reconstruction allows a property's life cycle to be extended and a functioning and comfortable living environment to be created.

WSP is known as a designer of the best solutions for structurally demanding sites. Often, the sites we are working on are protected (Sr1). In reconstruction sites, it is important to know the original construction method and appropriate reconstruction method. It is common to update the original structures according to modern building codes and new construction methods with consideration of a new purpose of the building.

Where drawings of old structures and buildings are not available, it is possible to determine the strength of the structures as well as reinforcement percentage on the site.

The most significant aspects in renovation projects are:

  • the need for changes and renovation
  • determination of problems and risky constructions
  • defining the damage and their reasons
  • design of transformable solutions supporting activities in the building in the future
  • choice of right and cost-efficient renovation method

One of the most important components of renovation work is the structural and physical analysis showing 

  • whether contemporary structures are functioning well in terms of heat and humidity insulation
  • whether new heat and humidity technologies of the structures are functioning properly
  • the level of energy efficiency and energy consumption 
  • the impact of the issues listed above on the quality of air in the building
  • the presence of microbes and other dangerous elements


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