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Environmental Impacts and Surveys

The multidisciplinary approach of WSP is also typical for the assignments of the environmental consulting unit. We combine our expertise in environmental consulting with land use planning, traffic planning, and landscape and environmental design.


Our strong interaction skills are leveraged to projects where they are applied in order to find the best solutions. We comply with the principles of open and user-oriented design. We aim to create a humane living environment.

Our environmental consulting services include:

  • environmental and social impact assessments (EIA and SIA) especially in urban and traffic planning and in energy projects
  • eco-efficiency: energy and resource efficiency
  • noise, acoustics and soundscape surveys
  • ecological/local food, waste and energy systems


Ilkka Niskanen
Ilkka Niskanen Yksikönpäällikkö, Business Unit Manager
Karoliina Saarniaho
Karoliina Saarniaho Expert in Environment