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Ground and Rock Engineering

A great deal of our built environment remains invisible to our eyes, hidden under the surface making it all stay in place. We design solutions which will remove liability and optimise assets. Ground and rock engineering experts examine, measure and design safe, user-friendly and sustainable solutions for underground constructions.


Strength of our team is the ability to combine different fields of engineering, such as geotechnical and rock engineering when designing special and underground structures.  Our aim is to find the most cost efficient solution of the highest quality for our clients.  Our most important clients are cities and private contractors. 

Our experts offer solutions for foundation surveys, detailed design, space reservation planning for rock facilities, and their 3D modelling. WSP has intense experience in the design of tunnels, railways and parking halls. We provide our ground engineering services in such remarkable projects as Kehärata Ring railway in Vantaa and Länsimetro Western subway in Espoo. 

Our ground and rock engineering services 

  • Ground surveys and outline design
  • Foundation design for buildings
  • Ground engineering design for infrastructures
  • Foundation design for industrial buildings and wind power plants
  • Rock facilities and tunnels
  • Underground concrete structures
  • The structural design of pile slabs and retaining walls
  • Foundation reinforcement design
  • Boron treatment for timber foundations
  • Deep and supported excavations
  • Vibration measurement and modelling
  • Contaminated land investigations and remediation design
  • 3D-photographing and modelling
  • Programming rock quality investigations and modelling of rock quality
  • FEM calculations for above-ground and rock construction


Henri Haverinen
Henri Haverinen Projektipäällikkö, apulaisyksikönpäällikkö
Petteri Somervuori
Petteri Somervuori Business Unit Manager, Mine Planning and Rock Engineering