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Construction Management and Supervision

Our experts have extensive experience in project management, construction management and supervision tasks. We specialise in projects related to renovations, indoor air and moisture damages. We know the procurement procedures and requirements of the Act on the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability when Work is Contracted Out.


We have clients in public and private sectors, among others, real estate and housing companies.

Some examples of our project planning, construction management and supervision projects:

  • balcony and facade renovations for housing companies,
  • the coating of sewage pipelines and replumbing projects for housing companies
  • solving moisture damage and indoor air problems,
  • the renovation of roofs. 

Project planning 

At the outset of a project, we determine different options that could be, for example, the demolishing, renovation, expanding or rebuilding of a property. The client's needs are considered in a pre-feasibility study.  After that, a project plan is prepared. In a project plan, the content of the project and its preliminary cost estimation are described. 

Construction Management and Supervision 

Our construction management and supervision services include design supervision, preparation of cost estimations and contract documentation, tendering and hiring a contractor, together with the client. We evaluate different implementation methods, in order to find the economically best solution. 

Site supervision 

A site supervisor will ensure the fulfilment of technical, economical and contract issues, as well as the fulfilment of quality requirements. Our work can include, if the client wishes so, the tasks of a safety coordinator.

PTS Kiinteistötekniikka Oy is now part of WSP.



Juhani Koponen
Juhani Koponen Liiketoimintajohtaja, Business Area Director
Jari Kaukonen
Jari Kaukonen Sales Manager
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