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Bicycle and Pedestrian Traffic

In recent years, walking and cycling have become an important part of urban planning. Our traffic planning experts have been involved in this development, providing their core competences in this field. Our skills cover the promotion of walking and cycling, as well as a wide range of services in design, from strategies and promotion programmes to detailed planning.


The aim of the design is always to promote the sustainable development and sustainable mobility modes. We regard the promotion of cycling as one of the key issues for sustainable city mobility. It is an efficient travel mode from the point of view of the economy, health and use of space. Walking, in turn, is becoming a trademark of a busy and vital city life. Walking is already considered to be one of the mobility modes, however, the prerequisites for a city promoting walking are not only transport related. In order to create a comfortable environment that promotes walking, expertise in understanding the interaction between the city space and people is needed.

Our most important services are

  • walking and cycling strategies
  • programmes promoting cycling
  • programmes promoting walking
  • target network plans for cycling
  • the planning of routes for recreation and outdoor activities
  • audits of walking and cycling conditions
  • cycling plans (cycling roads, cycling lanes, quality bike corridors)
  • a health impact assessment of walking and cycling (HEAT-method)
  • assessments of the impacts of measures promoting walking and cycling
  • guiding plans for walking and cycling
  • bicycle parking plans
  • accessibility surveys
  • accessibility plans and programmes
  • projects promoting mobility management
  • mobility plans

Our particular strength in the planning of walking and cycling is the expertise and broad approach of our personnel, along with the broad approach of our company towards the traffic and society.  Our experts collaborate with colleagues in the fields of land use, interaction, infrastructure planning and communication. We work closely with our clients, support them in achieving their targets and offer them our best practices and expertise. We develop our skills by following the best practices in promoting cycling applied in Europe, as well as international examples of the promotion of walking. We also benefit from our extensive international expert network.



Minna Raatikka
Minna Raatikka Project Manager
+358 207 864447, +358 40 5180511
Kalle Vaismaa
Kalle Vaismaa Yksikön päällikkö, Business Unit Manager