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Landscape and Environmental Planning

We believe that the Landscape is the premise for the best result. Landscape designers, environmental planners and horticulturists of WSP in Finland are involved in varied assignments in different design environments. We prepare plans and surveys for nature, city and traffic environments.


Landscape design

We make landscape surveys, landscape management plans, green zone plans and land use plans related to environmental and building method guidelines. In collaboration with town and traffic planning, drainage water management and design units we develop new methods for creating a city environment of a high quality. Especially we want to emphasise the importance of walkers and bicyclers.

Our expertise is irreplaceable in environmental surveys and environmental impact assessments. We specialise in assessments of structural, cultural-historical and visual impacts. In these projects, we often collaborate with other environmental experts. 

Street environment, square and park planning

Landscape designers, environmental planners and horticulturists of WSP in Finland are trustful companions in public area projects for agglomeration and city environment. Our services within planting projects vary from general level to structural design and construction site services. We also make green zone management and maintenance plans as well as programming of landscape design services.

We tightly collaborate with experts of different fields. The project team often includes municipal engineering experts, lighting designers, experts in structural and geotechnical engineering and, if needed, architect, designer, artist or graphic designer.

Creative design of difficult urban spaces is our key competence. We try to bring new and natural solutions to urban and traffic environments that are becoming smaller. We take into consideration different user groups and consult, if necessary, with our accessibility expert.



Arto Kaituri
Arto Kaituri Business Unit Manager, Landscape architecture
+358 207 864 407
Hanna Hannula
Hanna Hannula Landscape Architect
+358 207 864 417