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Wind Engineering

Wind engineering experts offer solutions for the analysis and alleviation of wind effects. Wind engineering is a crucial part of many construction projects. Determination of the static, dynamic and aeroelastic effects of wind are some examples of classical engineering challenges. Application is typically applied in large bridges, tall buildings and special structures. In addition to structural engineering, environmental wind mapping studies have become increasingly popular in city planning and architectural projects. Wind tunnel testing is applied by engineers for more detailed analysis of wind effects.


WSP offers a world-class expertise service in wind engineering. We deliver exact and reliable information to structural engineers, city planners, architects, developers, officials and investors responsible for decision making. 

Core competencies 

  • wind mapping and environmental wind studies in city planning and architecture
  • assessment of wind-induced structural vibrations as part of structural and bridge engineering
  • wind tunnel testing of bridges, tall buildings and special structures
  • extraction of equivalent static wind loads for simplified stress check of structures
  • determination of pressure loads of façades
  • assessments of wind-induced fatigue
  • research, structural monitoring and verification studies


Risto Kiviluoma
Risto Kiviluoma Director, Wind Engineering and Special Structures
+358 207 864 691