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Rail engineering

Our multidisciplinary approach in engineering allows comprehensive solutions to be provided for railway design. Our comprehensive design services extend from the design of railways and their neighbouring areas to bridges, tunnels and underpasses, along with station structures. In addition to technical railway design, we can also provide a wide range of services in structural design, bridge and ground engineering, environmental and architectural design.


In our work, we use the latest engineering software and manage multidisciplinary projects.

We participate in large-scale projects, with budgets varying between several tens to hundreds of millions of Euros. 

Our services:

  • Needs assessments for railway designs
  • General planning
  • Railway design
  • Construction design
  • Station planning
  • The planning of feeder transport and feeder parking
  • The analysis of the present condition of station equipment and improvement plans
  • Ground and rock engineering
  • Bridge engineering
  • Environmental impacts
  • Environment design
  • Tunnel design
  • Lighting design 
  • The design of noise barriers
  • Project management services and infrastructure management services
  • Expert services for infrastructure developments


Jari Niskanen
Jari Niskanen Business Area Director