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FEM Analyses

For more demanding challenges, we provide our FEM analysis services.


The typical survey areas to which analysis is applied are:

  • vibration surveys of  the natural frequency of intermediate floor structures
  • capacity and test calculations ( 3D calculations) for old hall buildings
  • the analysis of tall structures and buildings, such as masts, chimneys and very high buildings
  • vibration
  • earthquake analysis

We use modern FEM software:

  • Robot Stuctural Analysis Pro
  • Lusas
  • Staad Pro


Sami Lampinen
Sami Lampinen Johtava asiantuntija, Senior Consultant
+358 207 864 514
Andrea Colussi
Andrea Colussi Development Director
Risto Kiviluoma
Risto Kiviluoma Director, Wind Engineering and Special Structures
+358 207 864 691