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Transportation and Traffic Planning

The importance of traffic in a changing society is constantly increasing. New national traffic policies emphasise the development of user-oriented trip and transportation chains. Growing cities with increasing densities of population require prioritisation of traffic modes. The attractiveness of walking, bicycling and using public transport are the key issues of the future.


By providing multidisciplinary design services, we help our clients to optimise functioning and safe traffic as a part of society development. In addition to traffic planning, we can also offer expertise in the fields of infrastructure, land use, structural engineering and design. In our projects, we apply the latest skills in traffic development. International experience is our advantage.

We are aiming to bring to our clients sustainably the best possible solutions that are the result of the synergy between the users, maintainers and environment. In impact assessments, it is important to take into consideration the open dialogue and sustainability principles. Our solutions are based on our responsibility for the future. Functioning traffic always increases the vitality of the area and authorities as well as making the everyday life of people easier.

Our traffic planning services are:

  • Public transport surveys and plans
  • Traffic planning as a part of land use planning
  • Street and road preliminary and master plans
  • Walking and bicycling surveys
  • Transport and land use models
  • Traffic forecasts and surveys
  • Traffic functionality studies
  • Transportation system plans
  • Transportation policy and strategic surveys
  • Accessibility
  • Traffic guidance
  • Financial surveys and impact assessments of traffic
  • Parking and service traffic planning




Timo Kärkinen
Timo Kärkinen Business Unit Manager, Transport Consulting
+358 207 864 312
Olli Haveri
Olli Haveri Liiketoiminnan kehitysjohtaja
+358 207 864 305
Jorma Mäntynen
Jorma Mäntynen Johtaja, Professori, Director, Professor