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Water Supply Engineering

The services provided by the experts of the water supply unit of WSP cover water supply networks and drainage water management. We make high-quality comprehensive designs that support the maintenance of networks, also in changing environments. In our designs, we consider the functioning of the networks during their entire life cycle.


Engineers of our water supply unit have extensive experience in multidisciplinary projects covering land use, environmental, traffic and street plans. In this case, the design of water supply networks and drainage water management often includes the design of other technical infrastructure.

Services provided by water supply unit

  • development plans and surveys, property management plans
  • preliminary, general and construction planning for new constructions and renovation projects
  • design of water supply networks and drainage water management, measurement planning, condition monitoring and simulation of functioning of the networks

We compared the network systems of different water supply facilities as well as applicability of different systems, we found out different options for water supply and sewage water disposal. One of our core competences is  property management planning covering short and long term renovation programs for network infrastructure of water supply facilities.

Our latest preliminary and general planning projects include plans designed for the cities and municipalities covering areas of 10 to 2,000 ha with inhabitant numbers varying between hundreds and thousands as well as thousands of new jobs and other functions.

We prepare general and construction plans for the renovation of water supply and drainage water networks. The size of the sites varies between single streets to the design of bigger complexes.

In our recent network management plans we modelled the networks for water supply facilities in situations when a water reservoir is being renovated or land use development is followed by the growth of water supply demand. In addition, we use modelling in order to support the design of drainage water management by simulating drainage systems, drain ditches with culverts and channels in drainage areas of water supply facilities and cities.




Olli Sorvari
Olli Sorvari Yksikön päällikkö, Business Unit Manager