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Acoustics and Noise

The acoustics and environmental noise unit of WSP deals with the design, analysis and surveys of noise in indoor and outdoor premises. We look for optimal solutions to reduce the impacts of unwanted noise and improve the sonic environment.


In acoustics and environmental noise surveys, we apply sound level analyzers and meters, as well as calculation modelling software, for the assessment of outdoor noise level and room acoustics engineering.

Our services in acoustic engineering and environmental noise management are:

  • traffic noise surveys and noise control planning
  • noise surveys and noise control planning for industrial plants and energy production plants
  • noise level measurements for environmental noise
  • measurements of the sound reduction index in structures
  • room acoustics measurements

We are involved in large-scale noise surveys projects such as:

EU noise surveys 
In 2011-2014, we have undertaken large-scale noise survey projects  and noise control action plans for the cities of Tampere and Oulu. In these projects, we measured the environmental noise levels for the city areas and estimated the amounts of residents affected by unwanted noise. After undertaking the survey, the means for the reduction of impacts caused by environmental noise were planned. 

Measurement and assessment of the level of environmental noises caused by wind power plants
As an international expert team, we can carry out accredited sound emission measurements for wind power plants. In addition, we can measure the level of noises caused by wind power plants in the yards of private houses and indoor premises. During the design phase of wind park projects, we estimate noise levels by various calculation models.  

Industrial noise control projects
In industrial noise control projects, we map the objects that cause the unwanted noise in the industrial area and prepare a calculation model for the noise levels caused by the industrial plant. Calculation-based assessments are verified by outdoor measurements. Calculation models help to identify factors causing unwanted noise and affecting the environment, as well as assist the design of the measures towards reducing the level of unwanted noise.



Ilkka Niskanen
Ilkka Niskanen Yksikönpäällikkö, Business Unit Manager