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Dassault Systèmes partners with WSP to advance the profitability and sustainability of mining industry in the Nordics

WSP is with its Nordic operations the leading partner of the North European natural resource industry. In collaboration with the 3DEXPERIENCE Company Dassault Systèmes and along with its new industrial solution experiences Lean Mine Construction and Perfect Mine and Plant, WSP is paving the way for transformational change where the enablement of companies to develop and run more efficient mines through 3D design increases organizational agility for unprecedented decision-making.


The Nordic countries are cementing their position as the premier European exploration and mining hub since over one century. In doing so, the exploration efforts are largely concentrated on the countries Sweden, Finland and Norway. In terms of Europe’s metal ore extraction, the latest annual report from Euromines confirms that Finland and Sweden provide over 55 percent of Europe’s total production alone every year.

“The Nordic region has big interests in mining although the industry has faced severe business challenges for over a decade now. Fragile economic recoveries and changing mining commodity demand have restricted productivity, while operating costs have grown. In addition, operations nowadays demand significant amounts of interaction between core planning, engineering, plant production and geology teams. With its two industrial solution experiences, Dassault Systèmes offers a new innovational approach to mining that return greater profits in a more sustainable way”, says Stephen CHADWICK, EuroNorth Managing Director at Dassault Systèmes.

In order to further strengthen its leadership in the Northern natural resource market as preferred partner to several mining companies operating in the Nordics, WSP decided to join forces with Dassault Systèmes in 2015.

“With Dassault Systèmes and its products and services portfolio, we are able to support our clients from exploration stage via the successful development and operation through to the eventual closure and remediation of the property with greater efficiency”, says Todd McCRACKEN, Geology, Frontend Mining Group Manager at WSP Canada.

“There are a lot of parameters that the mining industry could deploy from traditional industrial production, like the capability to simulate swiftly and dynamically ideas and changes in demand or pricing. This would help the industry to pinpoint some of the business performance challenges”, explains Petteri SOMERVUORI, Business Unit Manager, Mine Planning and Rock Engineering at WSP Finland, and continues:

“Collaboration is the key to increase agility in response to operational performance variation, emerging business opportunities and volatile market conditions. Dassault Systèmes´ industrial solutions enhance the level of interaction internally, but also with contractors and partners. The immersive and collaborative environment supports innovation and encourages all stakeholders to tap the full potential for site infrastructure, processing plant design, project planning, procurement and construction management.”

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Petteri Somervuori
Petteri Somervuori Business Unit Manager, Mine Planning and Rock Engineering