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Kera Challenge: WSP and its team win Finnish local competition

A team including WSP, one of Finland’s leading consult and design company, has won the Kera Challenge, the Finnish local competition of the Nordic Built Cities Challenge for urban design and innovation. The task of the Kera Challenge was to generate ideas to transform a logistics centre to be vacated by S Group in Kera, Espoo into an attractive and ecological residential area.


The WSP team’s competition entry, Co-op City, will now continue to this autumn’s competition final between the Nordic countries, with the winner being announced at The Nordic Built Cities Challenge Awards event, which will be held in Copenhagen in November. The Finnish local competition, launched in May 2015, received 28 entries, from which four finalists were selected.  The Co-op City proposal was further developed during the spring and it ultimately won the final of the Finnish local competition.

The Kera Challenge was organised by The Nordic Built Cities Challenge, whose mission is to promote Nordic urban design. The Nordic Built Cities Challenge is the brainchild of Nordic Innovation, an institution under the Nordic Council of Ministers working to promote cross-border trade and innovation.

“Our competition entry, Co-op City, is informed by the circular economy and fulfils the promise of a 20-minute neighbourhood, i.e. a diverse and integrated urban structure. It means that all of the services of the future Kera area can be reached on foot within 20 minutes. We also paid attention to high quality, versatile and diverse public outdoor spaces and good public transport. The heart of the area is a large central park, around which the whole area will be planned. The old, vacated logistics halls will be given a new life through the implementation of the project,” explains Landscape Architect Daniela Rosqvist from WSP.

The competition jury particularly appreciated the winning work’s social and humane urban design. The realistic approach to design as well as the winning team, whose diverse backgrounds complemented each other well, also attracted praise.

Co-op City will act as a catalyst for its residents’ social interaction and the area’s vitality at all seasons of the year. The area’s urban spaces will be established before the construction of the buildings, and they will be developed in stages from temporary into permanent solutions.

“Our team was exceptionally diverse, which certainly contributed to the victory. The team consisted of WSP, B&M Architects, Päivi Raivio and Setlementtiasunnot. Forum Virium’s Development Director Pekka Koponen also participated as an expert,” says Rosqvist.

Working group:

WSP Finland
WSP Sweden
B&M Architects
Päivi Raivio
Setlementtiasunnot Oy



Daniela Rosqvist
Daniela Rosqvist Landscape Architect
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