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WSP wins bridge design award for Finnevik Bridge in Espoo

WSP has won the Bridge of the Year 2016 award for its design of the Finnevik Bridge in Espoo. According to the Finnish Association of Civil Engineers RIL, the Finnevik Bridge best fulfilled the criteria of this year’s theme, namely lifecycle perspective in bridge design.


“Sustainable development and ecology were the starting point and basis for the entire design process. In the Finnevik Bridge, this is evident overall, not only as individual solutions. In bridge construction, it is good to remember that the carbon footprint of the construction largely arises from the production of the building materials, which means that customary solutions proven to be cost-effective are also ecological,” explains WSP’s Atte Mikkonen, Chief Designer of the bridge.

“In this year’s Bridge of the Year competition, we focused on proposals that took into consideration the lifecycle costs of bridges as well as their environmental impacts and ease of repair,” says Chair of the Jury Timo Tirkkonen, Project Manager at the Finnish Transport Agency’s Engineering Structures Unit.

Carbon footprint and environmental perspective

WSP’s design team was praised for the adaptability of the bridge’s cross-section, taking into account lifecycle carbon footprint in material selection, ease of inspection by means of access levels, and the design of the structures. Environmental aspects were also closely considered in the design of the beam bridge.
“Storm waters collecting on the bridge are delayed before they are discharged into the adjacent Finnbäcken river. This reduces the particulate load ending up in river bed and promotes the recovery of fish stocks,” says Mikkonen.

Bridge lighting off during bird nesting season

The bridge was inspired by the local environment, such as the Haukilahti water tower and the nearby grasslands. The aim was also to give the edge beam of the bridge a light tone, which was achieved by lightening the concrete mass with titanium oxide instead of coating. In addition, the bridge features a small technical specialty, Finland’s biggest so-called silent expansion joint devices, which do not jolt when vehicles drive over them.
The underside of the bridge has LED lighting, which can be adjusted according to the time of year and holidays. The lighting is switched off during the bird nesting season.
Completed last August, the 365-metre Finnevik Bridge is an important addition to Espoo’s main road network. The bridge is of great importance for the construction of the future Finnoo city district. It will also serve the future feeder traffic to Matinkylä metro station.
Through the Bridge of the Year competition, the Finnish Association of Civil Engineers seeks to raise the standard of bridge design and to draw special attention to the compatibility of bridges with their environment as well as their successful appearance. The prize has been awarded since 2001.


  • The 365-metre bridge is Espoo’s longest
  • The bridge is a prestressed concrete beam bridge, whose support columns are piled through a marsh to a depth of up to 30 metres
  • Client: City of Espoo
  • Chief Designer of the bridge: Atte Mikkonen/WSP
  • Main contractor: Graniittirakennus Kallio Oy
  • Bridge railings and steel cladding: Urakointiasennus M. Rautio Oy
  •  Lighting: Suomen Sähkörakennus Oy

Further information:

Bridge Designer Atte Mikkonen, WSP
tel: +358 207 864 673