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WSP bought Trafix

WSP bought the Espoo-based traffic management company Trafix Oy. Trafix, employing a staff of 40, offers expert services in traffic and transport planning and management. Trafix’s areas of expertise include traffic planning, traffic management, walking and cycling, simulations, public transport, parking and traffic management centres.


“We are looking forward to working with Trafix. They possess skills that complement WSP’s know-how, competence that we can now offer together to our existing and new customers. Traffic planning has a special role in WSP due to its long history and strong roots,” tells WSP Finland’s Managing Director Kirsi Hautala, and adds,

“Corporate acquisition supports our strategy, according to which we aim to become our customers’ primary and reliable partner. The merger also offers further development opportunities to the employees of both companies. WSP already employs over 20 traffic experts”

“WSP’s and Trafix’s combined team of nearly 70 traffic experts responds to demand better than ever,” says Trafix’s Managing Director Juhani Bäckström. “Being able to support urbanisation and environmental objectives with new traffic solutions as well as the rapidly changing ways of transport are posing challenges to the actors in the field,” Bäckström comments. “Our customers are now gaining a wide support network and synergy with WSP’s other branches. In addition, WSP’s global networks and operational environment bring new opportunities to both our staff and partners.”

“The merger is a natural continuum to Trafix’s development, and according to its 18 owners, the merger is taking place at an optimal time as the growing company needs something strong to lean on. Trafix brings new service concepts, special know-how and customers to the unified entity formerly lacking from WSP. These include, for example, a strong knowledge of the private sector and traffic management services,” Bäckström adds. 

Bäckström will continue as Trafix’s Managing Director for the time being.  Following the merger, Trafix’s 40 experts will be transferred to WSP Finland.



Kirsi Hautala
Kirsi Hautala Managing Director WSP Finland Ltd.
+358 207 864 772