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WSP’s New Branding: Who We Are and Where We Are Going

The recent and rapid evolution here at WSP made it important to step back and examine the brand that binds us together.


Questioning the status quo is something that comes naturally to all of us, as engineering is about asking questions, looking at problems from different angles, and finding solutions that often break paradigms.

WSP’s new logo speaks to the complexity and intelligence of engineering, while remaining open to the endless possibilities driving the work of our 36,000 employees around the world. It’s supported by rich, unique photography that combines striking work with rich textures, bustling urban crowds, and intimate moments of human reflection.

This new platform embodies the urge to plan, design, manage, and engineer an impactful legacy. It aims to invite the beholder into our world, to let them complete the equation and be part of the work.

It will strengthen our position in the marketplace, inspire us to work towards positively interacting with our environments, and help us attract new colleagues and companies.