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Our Sectors

Our clients include governments and municipal authorities, transport authorities and property developers, architects, planners and businesses. Whether we are designing world-class property, infrastructure or transportation projects, or delivering solutions for complex industrial, environmental or energy challenges, we bring the same dedication to excellence.

We manage major aviation projects through innovative, integrated methods, relying on our deep expert experience in the sector.
Experts at developing sustainable, operational, multifunctional buildings.
We design multi-functional and future-oriented learning environments that enable lifelong learning.
Our solutions for sustainability include a wide range of innovative strategies and proven concepts.
We approach public sector buildings with a strong client focus, integrated support and cost effective planning.
Our planning and consultancy in hospital construction ensures compliance with the cost and schedule goals, reliable technical infrastructure and operational excellence.
We design and build hotels and restaurants, offering practicality, functionality, luxury and enjoyment.
From newly-installed engineering processes to retro-fits that extend the life of a facility, we deliver technical solutions to both local and global clients in a range of industries around the world.
We design and create living spaces, improving quality of life without sacrificing sustainability.
WSP provides leading-edge operational solutions for trade and logistics, enabling the sustainable growth of enterprise.
World leading experience in the planning, management and construction consultation of sports facilities, stadia and swimming pools.