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We manage major aviation projects through innovative, integrated methods, relying on our deep expert experience in the sector.

Over the past 25 years, WSP have positioned ourselves as the market leader in airport construction. Our clients benefit from our integrated and multidisciplinary services and sector expertise.

We offer airport operators a wide range of services including planning, policy, design support and consulting services throughout the entire life cycle. These include the air and the land side, ranging from new construction to renovation of existing airport facilities. In addition to experience with major projects in civil engineering, we also have the necessary safety expertise.

Supporting an industry of global significance
irport operators today are looking for a holistic approach to consulting. With increasing pressure to meet deadlines, the requirements relating to security and technology become more and more complex. We contribute to this complexity through intelligent solutions and can provide the necessary resources to accomplish large airport projects - such as the project management of the new Capital Airport Berlin Brandenburg International BBI.

Airports operate 24 hours a day. They consume large amounts of energy and produce high CO2 emissions. Consulting services to sustainable construction, climate change and best practices for environmental protection are therefore also part of our portfolio. Often the focus is on improving safety standards in connection with energy refurbishment. Through measures such as heat and cold shift, the use of plants to low temperature level and the change of ground services to renewable energy, considerable savings can be realized.