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Education & Culture

We design multi-functional and future-oriented learning environments that enable lifelong learning.

New learning spaces play a central role when it comes to strengthening the training provided in Germany and the connectivity to international educational standards. WSP provides building infrastructure for schools and colleges, for day care facilities and in adult education and for libraries.

We don’t just design, we design with learning in mind. Our educational specialists give us a clear insight into current and future pedagogical trends, our engineers design comfortable and functional learning spaces considering light, ventilation and acoustics, and look to deliver cost effective structural solutions in both remodelled and new buildings

Benefits of conversion to redesign
Our services cover the entire project life cycle – from master planning through construction planning to project management and facility management consulting. In recent years we have increasingly taken over major projects in the campus and university construction trade - from the reconstruction of individual institutions and research centers to the fundamental redesign of universities.

We understand the impact that good design has on learners and practitioners by stimulating and encouraging active learning.  We believe in providing sustainable schools that meet the varying requirements of the curriculum both now and in the future as education continues to evolve. 

We believe that well designed infrastructure shaped by an understanding of the educational requirements can make a significant impact on learning outcomes. Through the use of renewable energy sources and other measures to reduce the CO2 footprint we help our clients in implementing environmental goals and reduce construction and operating costs.