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We design and create living spaces, improving quality of life without sacrificing sustainability.

Housing renewal and sustainable, affordable living spaces are now key projects. Our Planning experts create solutions that enable flexible use of space by using cost-effective construction methods.

We have worked with clients in both public and private sectors as part of new construction and modernization projects. Our projects range from urban privately financed housing estates to the publicly subsidized rental housing or dormitories.

We cover all the housing projects from zero carbon concepts to revitalization. Housing issues such as energy-efficient refurbishment, energy-optimized building management and sustainability certifications have a rapidly growing importance. Particularly for owner-occupiers sustainability is often a prime consideration in construction projects.

Entire project life cycle performance
Our services begin at the earliest project stages, with a focus on improved quality of life and community prosperity. In addition, factors such as quality, sustainability and cost effectiveness. We also carry out strategic environmental and sustainability assessments for all types of development. Other services include green building design, due diligence and energy efficiency optimisation.