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Retail & Logistics

WSP provides leading-edge operational solutions for trade and logistics, enabling the sustainable growth of enterprise.

A company that offers attractive products will successfully generate growth, but needs to ensure great functionality and world-class customer experience.

We provide advanced solutions for trade and logistics. From busy logistic centers of top car brands, to the classic, multi-story shopping center to the design-oriented shopping mall - we offer our clients a complete range of services. We have extensive experience in planning and project management of large-scale construction projects, easily navigating tight schedules and cost pressures, to deliver results.

Innovative and timely solutions
Our goal is to optimze trade is realized through economic and energy efficient supply, from elevator systems to lighting concepts and customer focused show rooms to integrated, reliable back-office functionality and process – using the latest technologies and processes to safeguard the supply chain, from procurement, storage and delivery of goods up to the point of sale.