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Sport & Leisure & Baths

World leading experience in the planning, management and construction consultation of sports facilities, stadia and swimming pools.

A growing health consciousness increases the demand for sports and wellness facilities. We are a member of the European Waterpark Association and the Association of Public Baths Association extensive experience and numerous reference projects already implemented, particularly in the area of swimming facilities.

We handle projects throughout the full project lifecycle - from leisure pools to school and club swimming pools and sports halls. Our expert project managers are experienced in market studies, economic and feasibility studies, conducting tendering processes and of course complete project management processes. Among our clients are municipalities, public utilities, sports clubs and private investors, which we also manage the PPP process.

Robust solutions of timeless architecture
Aside from the highly technical demands, recreational facilities are typified by the need to be sustainable in appearance, taking on a timeless architectural quality. We are the experienced partner for such schemes.

Recreational facilities typically have an above-average energy consumption (water, heat, ventilation) and are subject to heavy wear and high usage. We meet these challenges through the use of appropriate materials and commercially viable sustainable energy schemes.



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