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Middle East  

Makkah Public Transport Program

Makkah is a truly unique city with global significance to over one fifth of the world’s population. The Makkah Vision, as articulated by HRH Prince Khaled Al Faisal, aims to transform Makkah to a uniquely modern, beautiful and vibrant city that is deeply rooted in its cultural and religious heritage and that befits its historical and spiritual universal importance.

Bullet Client: High Commission for the Development of Makkah and the Holy Sites

In line with this vision, the Makkah Public Transport Programme (MPTP) has come into existence and, once complete, will serve to address the travel needs of millions of people who come to Makkah each year to undertake Hajj and Umrah, in addition to its 1.7 million local residents.  Once complete the integrated transport network will include four metro lines covering 180kms and serving 88 stations.  The metro will be complimented by a significant bus network providing excellent connectivity across the city.

WSP has been appointed as Programme Management Office Consultants (PMOC) to deliver the strategic planning of the MPTP, to control, guide, oversee, coordinate and integrate the service delivery of the different elements of the program.  Our remit includes:

  • Program Management, Commercial & Technical Expertise and Advice
  • Construction Management - Support Services
  • Design Review & Approval
  • Design, Implementation and Maintenance of Project Controls
  • Preparation and review of Risk Management Systems
  • Interface Management
  • Project Integration – Railway & Bus
  • Project Programs - Planning, Control, Evaluation
  • Claims - Study, Analysis, Avoidance Procedures
  • Value Engineering - Design, Construct, Operate
  • Land Use Policies - Transport Orientated Development
  • Public Transport Policy - Rail & Bus
  • Safety, Security, Fire, Emergency – Professional Advice
  • Prep of Tender Docs - TOR, Review Tenders, Evaluation
  • Contract Management
  • General Supervision - Financial Control
  • Organ & Institutional Frameworks – Development
  • Commercial Opportunities and Marketing Strategies


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